About Us

Low Taxes and More Efficiency

Andy is running for the Alabama legislature because he wants to put his finance and business experience to work for the people of North Alabama and the rest of the state. It’s time we do more with less, cut wasteful spending, encouraging our brightest minds to innovate, and put hard working families first.

Roads and Infrastructure

As a community, we pay our fair share in taxes and we must ensure we are getting what we need from Montgomery to fix our roads, bridges and water systems. Andy wants to work with our local leaders to plan for the future and build the kind of infrastructure that attracts new business to expand and hire locally. 

New, Good-Paying Jobs

Moving our economy in the right direction is imperative and Andy will work hard with other officials in North Alabama and in Montgomery to bring more jobs and industries to the region. However, jobs are not enough. We must work to raise wages that strengthen the American middle class and those struggling to enter it.